An Insightful Morning

by Sirisha

The other day, I noticed that my 4 foot tall money plant had a scales infestation. I did notice something odd with it before but had neglected it. That negligence eventually resulted in an infestation. Now, scales look like these brown spots on the leaves. The only way to get rid of them is to manually scratch each one off. A plant that is four feet tall has a lot of leaves! As I stood in the balcony with a bucket of water, scratching the scales off each leaf, I got quite a few insights.

The first lesson I learned is that negligence can lead to a lot of pain! Had I taken care of my plant, I wouldn’t have had to go through all that trouble in the first place. At work, if something is going wrong, the time to correct it is now. If a co-worker isn’t living up to expectations, the time to tell him is now. If you are uncomfortable with a task, the time to change it is now. If an employee is creating more trouble than she is worth, the time to fire her is now. Handling issues immediately when they pop up can save a lot of time an energy in the long run.

Another really important realization that day was that not many people would spend their morning doing what I was doing. I was sure that many people I knew wouldn’t stand scratching insects off of each leaf for 2 hours. Why is it that people avoid getting their hands dirty? Why is it that people avoid manual labour? Success comes only to those who are willing to stick their hands into tasks no matter how inconvenient it is. No one becomes successful sitting on their high chair and getting others to do their work for them. The best and only way to succeed in any endeavor is to go out there and do it yourself. Get into the attitude that no work is small for you. No amount of inconvenience too great, and that is all you need to ensure success!

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