Career Aptitude Test – is it enough?

by Sirisha

The question of which is the right career to pursue is one that every student has asked himself/herself an umpteen number of times.One of the first things any student tries is a career aptitude test.

Decisions on one’s career path are crucial and life changing. Many people try various forms of the career aptitude test – either online or through a career counselor. Many tests are available for free online and many of them are subjective tests that are created for fun. True career aptitude tests are rare and are usually paid services. If you find a good career aptitude test, it will be your first step into figuring out your career path. But mind you, it is only the ‘first step’

Results of the career aptitude test will not automatically tell you which career is right for you. The results will give you options of the types of career aspirations you can have. The tests results will indicate an ‘aptitude’ for a certain field of work.

The ‘aptitude’ is based on your current abilities and what you have learned and experienced so far in your life. Therefore, if someone from a science background takes the test, they will not get business or finance professions as the first option.

What the career aptitude test is lacking, is a measurement of ‘interests’. Apart from the ability to excel in a certain career, you also need to be passionate about it. If there is no passion in what you are doing, then the chances of success are slim. To understand what you are passionate about, you need career guidance – not the traditional career counseling where you are given details of what courses are available and where.

Career guidance with the proper tools that will help you understand your passions; help you develop the right career aspirations and then also help you set high goals and chart the path to reach them. Then and only then will you be able to ensure success in your chosen career path

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