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How to Achieve Success: Work vs. Steal

by Sirisha
So, what do you think is a better option? How to achieve success in life? Is it better to work at it… or steal the limelight? There are many paths to achieve success. But all the various ways boil down to just two options when it comes to the big decision! You can either work your way there by doing the right things and  putting in the necessary efforts or you can have someone else do the hard work for you and reap the benefits when the time comes.   Everyone wants to be successful in life. And having someone … Continue reading

Right Things to Focus on…

by Sirisha
. . So what should you actually focus on to be successful? . . . 1)      Your idea of success – As I always say… define what success is to you and then focus on that. 2)      Contributing something -Either to the society at large or to a specific group of people. 3)      Ethics – Make sure whatever you do is ethically right. 4)      Quality – Give your customers what they expect, and then some more. 5)      Punctuality – Stick to the promised time frame. 6)      Integrity – People should be able to trust you. Why would they do business with … Continue reading