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An Insightful Morning

by Sirisha
The other day, I noticed that my 4 foot tall money plant had a scales infestation. I did notice something odd with it before but had neglected it. That negligence eventually resulted in an infestation. Now, scales look like these brown spots on the leaves. The only way to get rid of them is to manually scratch each one off. A plant that is four feet tall has a lot of leaves! As I stood in the balcony with a bucket of water, scratching the scales off each leaf, I got quite a few insights. The first lesson I learned … Continue reading

Success Stimuli

by Sirisha
One good way to ensure success in life is to surround yourself with success stimuli… What is success stimuli you ask? Success Stimuli is whatever it is that helps stimulate the motivation, desire, and action for you to achieve your success goals. I always make it a point to spend some time every week to read or watch videos that stimulate my mind and encourage me to move forward on my path to success. There are two types of motivation – one that comes from within you and one that comes as a response to something external. This type of … Continue reading