Confusion During Decision Making – How to Beat it!

by Sirisha
Many times, when it comes to important decisions in life, goal setting, you tend to get deeply confused. Decision making becomes a burden and all you want to do is run away! Anything to take you away from the decision making procedure! It’s understandable.  After all, setting smart goals is not child’s play. It requires a great deal of thought and a great deal of introspection!
So, if goal setting, or in general any form of decision making is confusing you, try out this step by step procedure and clear the confusion from your mind!
1.       Take 2 clean sheets of paper. Paper A is for your options and paper B is for your expectations.
2.       Put your confusion down on paper A.
3.       Write down the various options you are contemplating about without worrying about what is right and what is wrong. Leave the decision making for later.
4.       Then on paper B, write down what you expect to come out of the decision. For example, if your decision is about which organization to join after college, jot down all the expectations you have from your ideal job organization.
5.       Once all the points are written, tally them with the options. Give 1 point to each option for every expectation that it will meet.
6.       Once you give out all the points, you still hold 3 points for your feeling. You see, in spite of all logic, many decisions are made based on feelings
7.       Give these three points to the options in any way you want. 1 point each to your top three favorites or 3 points to your most favorite or 2 points to your favorite and 1 point to something you love.
8.       During this decision making, however, don’t think of what option got more points and which got less. Don’t try to balance anything out. It wouldn’t help your confusion one bit!
9.       Pick the top three options – the ones with the highest points.
10.   Now, close your eyes clear your mind of all the confusion and let the decision making start.
11.   Choose one option at a time, keep your eyes closed, and imagine yourself in that option. Keeping with the above example, imagine yourself in the organization, visualize a day in the office, and clearly see what is going on and how you feel about everything.
12.   Repeat the procedure with each option.
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Once you finish the step by step decision making procedure, you will have a clear idea of what you want. What you feel exited about and what is it that will give you satisfaction. Use this process to clear confusion, and set smart goals for your future

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