If You Focus on Making Money…

by Sirisha
When you do something with your focus on making money, you’ll never actually make it. Let me tell you why.
1)      Money making becomes your main goal
2)      When you need to make an important decision, it’ll be based on whether your profit will increase and not on whether it is beneficial to the task at hand
3)      You will automatically try to take shortcuts to make more money – faster
4)      The ethical boundaries you set for yourself will start to fade
5)      All the time, you will be thinking of how much money you made instead of trying to better the quality of your offering
6)      You will miss out on wonderful opportunities for growth that don’t promise too much profit but can actually take you places
7)      The worst of all – Your orientation shifts from what can I give… to what will I get… and the customer can sense this
The result of all this is that whatever your offering – It’ll become less appealing to your customers and thus you end up not making much money after all!!!
Keep your focus on the right things, and the money will follow. What are the ‘right things’? You’ll see in the next post…

Till then, take your focus off making money!

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