Journey of Life

by Sirisha
Life is a journey… not the end result!
So you might say… then why are goals given so much importance? Aren’t they the end result of something?
Like I want to graduate from college, I want to land a good job, I want a big house near the city, or I want to become a billionaire!
Yeah, goals do end up seeming like end results at first glance. But if you look deeper, you realize that goals are actually a state of living. For example, graduating from college is a life changing experience. The experience itself and everything that comes in life because of it is what the goal is all about.
The big house near the city – is something you live in. Coming first in a race, or finishing a 10 mile marathon are some other examples. The goal seems like an end result but it is the journey of finishing the race/marathon and then living with the sense of achievement is in actuality what the goal stands for.
Success can be truly achieved and truly enjoyed only when you treat life as a journey. Have fun with what you do, enjoy every moment of the effort and the luck that get you where you want to be.
Life is a journey… not the end result!

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