Little by Little

by Sirisha

Just like little drops of water make an ocean, a little effort put in constantly can make an ocean of change!
All you need to do is regularly put in some time and effort towards your cause. You can do a number of things to bring about a positive change in your life as well as the lives of those around you. If your goal is to spread awareness, spending ½ hour a day doing just that on the internet can take you quite far in a couple of years…
If you goal is to make friends, an hour a day on social networking sites and within no time, you’ll be surrounded by friends. If your goal is to make a little extra cash, an hour a day doing odd jobs and you have what you need.
If your goal is to start a new business and you are hard pressed for time, an hour a day of effort and within a few months, your go to plan is ready. If you want to help the needy, an hour a day of fund raising and they can get all the help they need.
Putting in a little time everyday for a specific goal keeps you enthusiastic, motivated and takes you one step closer to success – everyday!

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