Success Stimuli

by Sirisha
One good way to ensure success in life is to surround yourself with success stimuli…
What is success stimuli you ask?
Success Stimuli is whatever it is that helps stimulate the motivation, desire, and action for you to achieve your success goals.
I always make it a point to spend some time every week to read or watch videos that stimulate my mind and encourage me to move forward on my path to success. There are two types of motivation – one that comes from within you and one that comes as a response to something external. This type of motivation doesn’t last very long – but it comes as a burst and lasts long enough for us to do something phenomenal!
Many great decisions have been taken during this burst of motivation that has come from success stimuli
There are many options you can choose from to help you get this kind of motivation.
  1. Books. Get yourself books like Chicken Soup for the Soul that have short stories of people like you. Buy self help books that focus on success. Read biographies of the people you idolize.
  2. Videos. Watch videos of successful people. Google search a name you idolize and listen to their advice. Search for videos containing little anecdotes by successful people. Learn their secrets and apply them
  3. Blogs. Many people blog about their experience on their path to success. Whether they have just begun, or are well progressed on the path, little stories and insights will always inspire


To get you started on your search for success stimuli, here is a link to a blog by one of my best friends…
She is a single parent doing great things… An entrepreneur and social activist, she also finds time to have fun and balance her life. And best of all? She documents her journey on her path to success on her fun filled blog – Furiously Fab Muslima

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