Success – Today

by Sirisha
What did you do today to take yourself closer to success? – Checklist
Did you…

Wake up in the morning with a plan?

When you decide your plan for the day early in the morning, there is a higher chance that you can accomplish what you want. You will be able to plan the time available wisely. Also, your first thoughts in the morning tend to stick with your throughout the day, so wake up with careful thoughts!

Think while brushing your teeth, of the various things you need to accomplish today?

The time that we spend staring at the mirror, trying to come out of our sleep world is probably the most undisturbed alone time we will ever get during the day. Also the time when our brain is just getting active and trying to figure out the where, what, why, and how of the waking world… This is the best time to give some thought to how you intend on accomplishing your set tasks for the day.

Get killer ideas in the shower?

There is something about standing in a steaming bath with hot water pouring down on your head! This is the best place for creativity… The kind of creativity that you can’t help… It is an involuntary action of your brain. It spits out ideas on whatever topic you are focused on. So, when you get into the shower, focus your attention on your latest problem / project and let the ideas flow.

Get a new perspective on something after your morning prayer?

When we immerse our mind in prayer, something else takes over our being. Prayer time is the closest we can get to the all knowing, all seeing infinite. When we pray, God listens, and God answers. If something is stuck or is bothering you, pray for help, meditate on it, and you will definitely get the new perspective you were looking for!

Discuss a new strategy at lunch?

Lunch time is that one hour in the middle of the day when you take a break from the stress of work, sit with like minded colleagues and friends. This is when you get the chance to get away from the mundane day to day chores and think from 50,000 feet above. This is the time when you can look at life from a different angle and examine the major strategies at play. This is also the time when you discuss it and renew your resolutions

Get lost in an exciting task and forget to have your evening tea and snacks?

When work is exciting, you know that you are doing something right! And when you get so lost in it that you forget to eat and drink, you should realize that Success is very near indeed. Do what you love, and love what you do. This one little ‘mantra’ can take you to new heights!
Tell me what you do during the day that gets you closer to success!

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