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Our Expertise
Citrines helps individuals and organisations achieve outstanding results quickly and easily

Breakthrough Leadership
Fostering and building leadership in individuals across all levels of the organisation - from a sole proprietor to a multinational CEO

Outstanding Organisations
Transforming your company into a world class organisation that has a strong vision, the right culture, right people, and right processes

Sales Transformation
Developing the sales team and process to ensure they close every sale that is closable. All round solution for sales and marketing

Executive Coaching
Coaching for top executives to make them highly productive, extremely loyal and exceedingly satisfied with their career

Change Management
Ensuring every change in the company is handled the right way and is successful - ERPs - to - mergers - to - strategy execution

Inspiring Innovation
Cultivating a culture of innovation and creating disruptive business models to carve and retain a competitive advantage

Allround Wellness
Eliminating toxic emotions and stress, removing addictions, enabling weight loss etc. for complete and overall wellbeing

Personal Breakthrough
Enabling personal transformation in individuals in all areas of life - career, love, relationships, fun, spirituality, finance etc.

Customized Workshops
Designing and delivering the perfect mix of consulting, training and coaching that is 100% customised for assured results
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